Gary Busey Evokes the Benefits and not the Features

I was struck with how well Amazon hammered home the benefits of their new Fire TV product and stayed away from falling in to the trap of tech specs and features for which the consumer electronic industry is known. By introducing a bit of humor through the popular characature of Gary Busey, and demonstrating that even a space cadet with only tangential connection to our temporal world is able to successful operate the Fire TV through its voice recoginition feature, Amazon astutely gets to the big benefit of their new product in comparison to the other streaming hardware on the market these days. They didn't follow the price-sensitive, feature-laden marketing approach for their Kindle product with its screen size and ever-present price as compared to the Apple iPad tablet. 

It's hard to stand out in a noisy market, and as an owner of Apple TV and understanding that Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV basically do the same thing, Amazon made me stop and think about their product and their unique benefit. I will definitely think about recommending it to some of my friends and family if they want this kind of product as I know they are only one step removed from Gary Busey when it comes to their technical prowess.

If you haven't seen the video, check it out, it's worth a minute of your time.