Conky 2014. The Evolution of Jambi

Conky 2014

Project and team naming can be a great source of both camaraderie, as well as an opportunity to communicate clearly to what your team or project is all about.

Recently, I've been working with our development team to make some enhancements to our website's content management system. The original system was named Jambi after the Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse character who would say "Wish? Did someone say wish?" The original project name referred to an underlying wish within our business that we could deploy websites quickly without needing to consume precious development resources.

When it came time for an evolution of the Jambi system, we felt we needed another project name based on the Pee Wee naming convention that we could rally around. Our small team had fun brainstorming the possibilities and the 10-minute riff ultimately helped us gain a deeper feeling of ownership in the process and project.

We chose "Conky," the robot who would provide the “word of the day” on the show. This we decided was directly related to one of the main new features we implemented, a daily update/news feed for our homepage.

In the end, the name became both a team-building exercise, as well as a fun way to decribe the purpose and underlying value of the project.

So, the next time you have a "Data/CRM" team meeting, try to create a rallying cry for the meeting or project, and don't be afraid to have a little fun along the way.