Chobani's Press Team - Nothing but good...

Chobani nothing but good

Over the last week or so, you probably noticed a yogurt war brewing between the U.S. and Russia, masterfully feuled by Chobani. 5,000 servings of yogurt, originally destined for U.S. Olympic athletes in Sochi, was stopped by Russian customs officials from entering the country. In my opinion, this became a convenient, or maybe even planned, story for the Chobani press folks to leverage to great effect within its main market, the U.S. 

It is likely they knew that their shipment would be barred from making it to Russia because their product didn't meet certain Russian regulations (and the general ban by Russia of U.S. yogurt). Trying to ship yogurt to Sochi was chess move made with the next few plays in mind. Whether or not their government relations people orchestrated the move, the New York state-based company even persuaded NY Senator Chuck Schumer to advocate on its behalf garnering even more press for the company. This was a brilliant move by Chobani as its brand is now top of mind for Olympic viewers and enthusiasts. Whatever their investment in the official U.S. Olympic team sponsorship was, it paid off in this serindipitous, or maybe even planned, use of un-paid media via copious press coverage. The Chobani press team, like it's tagline, is nothing but good.